Informations about donations for the servers

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Informations about donations for the servers

Post  R0u$back on Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:46 pm

Donations can be done on the YCN clanpay webpage.

Informations about the price of our servers (per month):

Like a Star @ heaven .WAR|Clan. Europe (2.55/2.60b - 13 (16.25)
Like a Star @ heaven TeamSpeak 3 server ( 2 (2.5)

For the ones who would like to help with a donation, please first inform .WAR|R0u$back. Then you can do it with this link:

When you made a donation, please inform me in order to check if the donation succeded.

Be carefull, don't forget to click back on the redirect-link to YCN website after payment, to confirm the donation.
All donations, even small, will always be welcome! Thank you a lot in advance!

The leadership Team.


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