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SLAC Guide

Post  Piegie on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:37 am

As seen in the previous topics it seems like a lot would like to see some guide on how to install SLAC correctly. So I'll try to explain it as detailed as possible.

1. Download the Windows Client Setup on this page :

2. Proceed in the setup ( as for where to install SLAC ( directory ), you can chose wherever you want to place it ) & it will end by asking you to show the readme & some information text, simply press OK.

3. Now, instead of the previous version of SLAC, you don't have to open SLAC.exe in the directory you chosen anymore. SLAC will from now on be over here :
START -> PROGRAMS -> SPEEDLINK ANTICHEAT -> SLAC - ET ( there's also a SLAC-ET ( no etpro ), but it's unnecessary to play wars )

4. Open that SLAC - ET and a screen will pop-up.

5. In the left upper corner you should log-in. If you don't have an account yet, you should register over here : .
After you've registered, you should be able to log-in in the SLAC window shown above.

6. Somewhere in the center of the window you can see a section called "Game Info", meaning it wants you to direct the program to the place ET has been installed.
Do that by clicking on Browse, and simply go and select ET.

7. After that you should click on Start the game & you'll be ready to play Smile!

PS : If you get a grey screen after you've clicked on Start the game, shutdown ET & remove "+set fs_game etpro" from the Command Line Options ( the bar right underneath the Start the game button.)

If you've got some errors or problems, post them overhere OR have a look at the FAQ of SLAC itself :


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