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Punk rock :) news

Post  ceri on Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:31 pm

Green day have a new album calld 21st century breakdown Smile and BLINK 182 IS BACK :)they will tour with many cool bands as The All American Rejects Smile and they will realese a new album in this summer i tink Smile
Anti-flag have a new album calld The People Or The Gun. The new album sounds more like an EP than an album, a little bit like their previous “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime”, but this time all the ten plus one songs have never been released before.

The disc is all about anti capitalism anthems that deal with what is wrong with the world nowadays (religion, suffering, slavery, exploitation of workes and people) Smile and Parmaore is in Twilight soundtrack and Linking Park too (for tose who didnt know that) Smile and Sum 41 hase some cool covers about Metallica search on youtube Smile is calld metallica by sum 41 Smile and yeah i have a question?do you like punk rock music?? whitch band is youre favorite ? my favorite band is Blink 182 Razz


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