Guid Problems? No xp save? Read this!

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Guid Problems? No xp save? Read this!

Post  R0u$back on Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:30 pm

When you keep loosing your level of admin, and when your xp is not saved on servers where the xpsave is enabled, it means that "you don't have a GUID".

There are 3 points to watch for:
when you create your profile, don't forget to enable PunkBuster
Exec this program, and select the game (in this case Wolfenstein ET) you need to update...update it...and come back in game. This should have fixed the problem of xp-level save.

If you still have no GUID, visit this webpage: and press GENERATE KEY. Download it and place it in your ETmain folder.

Xfire can also cause issues for xp/lvl save. Best thing to do is to avoid to connect to servers with xfire (or you can also try to reinstall Xfire, it can sometimes fix the problem). If you don't want to search the server in the list, or type everytime the can use this way:

example for the war clan server:
create a file "war.cfg"
copy inside this file this line: connect
close this file after have saved it.
put this file in the etmain folder
launch the game (with the normal application)
open the console and typ: /exec war (or /exec war.cfg)
Now the game connects you automatically to the WAR server...
You can use this trick for all servers you usually play on.

Or there's this alternative method too:

shArk wrote:Nice Rous but some can't get a Guid with your method. So i helped many other people getting their Guid in 3 Steps:
1. Get your ETKEY here ->
2. Put this Key into your ETMAIN folder! (path C:/program files/Wolfenstein Enemy Territory/Etmain/)
3. Open your game, connect to a server and type this in your console:
"/pb_cl_enable; pb_system 1; pb_writecfg; reconnect;"
Copy and paste all the script into your console without "" using ctrl+c ctrl+v


If you have a cfg write this in it: set pb_cl_enable
Type "cl_guid" to see if you have a GUID

PS: If it's still not working (if you have win7) copy and paste the SAME etkey you generated into this path:
Start Menu> YOURUSERNAME/appdata/Local/Punkbuster/ET/etmain

The folder appdata is a hidden folder. To show hidden folders follow this quick and well explained video below:

You don't need punkbuster enabled to get a Guid (my case)

My steps: I've downloaded the etkey and put into game's etmain folder. I installed fresh W:ET. entered nickname, connection,... and i did enable punkbuster. I've gone into our clan server and added this line into the console "/pb_cl_enable; pb_system 1; pb_writecfg; reconnect;" and it worked like a charm!!!


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